About Our Patron

Francis was born in Assisi, in year 1181 as the son of Peter Bernardone and Donna Pica. His ambition in life was to become a Knight. With this ambition he joined the army. But God stepped into his life and changed him radically, making him his chosen instrument to carry His name before all nations. While praying at the church of " Damiano in Assisi the crucified spoke to him saying : "Francis , go and rebuild my house which is falling." Following the Lord's command literally, Francis became the restorer of the church of San Damiano and other churches.

Embracing a leper in Assisi, changed his attitude to life completely. On 3rd October 1226, the Little Poor Man left the world in the warm embrace of his beloved Sister Death, Singing the praises of God. He was canonized on 16th July 1228 by Pope Gregory IX.

Francis was truly a man inspired by the Holy Spirit. In order to be Christ -like, Francis became poor. He considered humility as a sister of poverty in order to be totally dependent on God. He loved nature which was to him a manifestation of God's beauty. Penance was for him a way to discipline himself to honouring God's will. But the core of his Spirituality was living the Gospel of Jesus Christ perfectly. In 1939, Pope Pius XII declared him the Principal Patron of Italy. October 4, the feast of St. Francis was promulgated in 1958 as a national holiday in Italy.

It is also observed everywhere as World Brotherhood day. In 1979. Pope John Paul II named St. Francis Patron Saint of Ecology. The Pope spoke of St. Francis as the Man of Peace and his birth place, Assisi, as the city of Peace. The Peace Prayer attributed to St. Francis comes through as one of the most popular prayers in every language and is being recited .Francis of Assisi has a unique place in the history of world.